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Cosmetic Dental Services in Fall River, MA

Restore your healthy smile with dental care from Donald J. Dufour DDS and Joseph A. Reidy III DMD. Cosmetic dentistry is a field in which tremendous strides have been made in recent years, mainly attributable to improvements in dental materials and adhesives. A smile is one of the first things noticed when meeting people, and beautiful teeth are certainly a source of confidence. We have years of experience providing a wide variety of cosmetic services to our patients ranging from cosmetic bonding and dental bleaching to Lumineers and incredibly esthetic crowns that appear to be as natural as what nature intended. Here is a brief overview of what we can do to make your smile "Hollywood perfect"...

Healthy Teeth Whitening - Cosmetic dentistry in Fall River, MA
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Dental Bleaching

We provide two unique ways to whiten even the darkest of teeth in a conservative, convenient way with results that are sure to dazzle. One bleaching system involves making customized trays that resemble mouth guards, each fitting precisely onto the patients upper and lower arches. A strong bleaching gel, comprised mainly of hydrogen peroxide, is placed into the trays, inserted into the mouth and worn by the patient for approximately six consecutive hours (usually at night). A noticeable improvement is rapidly made after about three to four days of wearing the bleaching trays nightly. For those patients who prefer instant bleaching gratification, we offer the ever-popular Zoom! Dental Bleaching System. After isolating the teeth and covering any exposed gum tissue, a concentrated bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a high intensity light is focused onto the patient's mouth to activate the gel and rapidly whiten the teeth, making them several shades whiter in a short period of time. Needless to say, this is a very popular method and produces dramatic results in a very short period of time! Prior to any type of dental bleaching, we recommend a consultation to verify whether or not a patient is a candidate for this type of procedure.

Cosmetic Bonding

Although this type of procedure has been performed for years, it still provides for an affordable, esthetic way to alter the size, shape and color of the front teeth to make one's smile sparkle. The newer materials that we use when bonding the teeth are more color stable than those used years ago and so with proper maintenance, are less likely to stain.

Lumineers and Veneers

Porcelain veneers and Lumineers are very thin layers of porcelain that are custom made by a dental lab and subsequently cemented by the doctors onto the teeth using very strong adhesives. The size, shape and color of a patient's teeth can be dramatically altered in a relatively conservative‎, color stable and highly esthetic manner. Traditional veneers require a small degree of preparation (drilling) of the teeth in order to accommodate the thickness of the veneers so that the final results are perfect cosmetically. Lumineers, on the other hand, require virtually no preparation and result in a beautifully designed smile that's sure to sparkle! As with any cosmetic procedure of this nature, not every patient is a candidate and a consultation is first recommended.


Crowns, or "caps" as laymen may refer to them, are a strong, long-lasting and esthetic way to alter the appearance of a patient's smile. The dentist must first reduce and reshape the patient's teeth in order to accommodate the crown, which is made in a dental lab according to the specifications recommended by the dentist. The crowns are made of porcelain or other high strength, durable and extremely esthetic material and are cemented over and onto the prepared teeth by the dentist. Porcelain technology has changed considerably in recent years, and so a perfectly cosmetic result is easily acquired. Never before has a perfect smile been so easily achieved!

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