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Implant Dental Restorations in Fall River, MA

Contact the dental office of Donald J. Dufour DDS and Joseph A. Reidy III DMD for implant-supported dental restorations. Dental implants use the location of missing teeth and fill in the gap. The implant blends in with your other teeth. These are technology-advanced posts, (made of titanium) that provide a long-term solution to fixing your smile.

Dental Implants

For years, the standard way to replace an individual tooth or teeth that had been extracted from a patient's mouth would be to insert either a removable partial denture or a fixed bridge. The placement of a bridge entailed reducing the teeth on either end of the space formerly occupied by the extracted teeth and subsequently cementing an interconnected series of crowns onto the reduced supporting teeth. The drawbacks to a dental bridge were that two or more perfectly healthy teeth had to be reduced (drilled) down in size in order to accommodate the overlying crowns that supported the bridge, and because the bridge is comprised of a series of interconnected crowns, maintaining the cleanliness of the supporting teeth was difficult which often resulted in the decay of the supporting teeth and the premature loss of the bridge.

Dental implants have eliminated these issues. Quite simply put, an implant is a small cylinder that is surgically inserted into the space formerly occupied by the root(s) of the extracted tooth. Through several months after the insertion, bone grows around the implant and firmly embeds it into the jawbone. ‎After complete healing, the oral surgeon who placed the implant surgically exposes the top of it, making it accessible for the restoring dentist to place a post and a crown onto the implant. The final product quite remarkably resembles an actual tooth in that the implant serves as the tooth's "root". This is the most conservative, natural and simplest way to replace missing teeth ever made available! Implants can also be used to secure loose full dentures, especially lower dentures which typically have little to no retention. Call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Dufour and Dr. Reidy and find out how easy it actually is to fill those empty spaces in your dentition!
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